Baby Police regulates the safety of baby products

The safety of the products we use is an important topic in today's world. Unfortunately, many of the ingredients used in products contain ingredients that may have detrimental effects on a developing brain. These may include known carcinogens, behavioral toxins, neurotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals. Many of these substances can build up in the body over time
All parents want to protect their children from as much harm as possible, and Baby Police is the solution to their worries. Now, looking for a simple seal can tell you whether a product contains harmful chemicals, or whether it is a product that is good for the body and mind. It isn't always easy to find products with transparent labeling, but with our seal you don't have to spend endless hours digging for information. You can know with just a glance that the product you are reaching for is completely safe, harmless, and toxin free..

The Future of Safety

Our seal gives companies a chance to match their safety against today's most modern knowledge. Many companies report learning a great deal from the inspection process, and are able to improve their products simply through learning more about the ingredients they use.

A Stringent process of Compliance

By offering a process to make shopping for parents easier, we hope to make a more competitive market that encourages the purchase of safe products.Our goal is to eventually have a market so safe and free of toxin free products, that our seal is no longer needed.

Until then we are here to help companies and parents join together for the safety of children. Rest assured when you see our label, you are seeing a guarantee for a product that is completely healthy and harmless for your child, your home, and your family.

Please explore our website to get more information about us and our certification process