Few words about us

We certify the products you and your baby love

Baby Police is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children from the harmful effects of toxins found in the products meant for their safety and comfort. Today there are thousands of ingredients out there legal to use in products, that are known to cause cancer, behavioral issues, and other severe consequences from their use. Despite the potential ramifications of these toxins on children, they are being used in products without any way for parents to discern whether the product is safe or not.

Parents are becoming more weary as they become aware of undesirable ingredients such as BPA in the plastic of their baby bottles, and have started demanding healthier and safer products. We offer certification to companies aimed to assist their customers in verifying that the products they are selecting are safe to use on their precious little one.

Through our program, we hope to change the way people think about products, and redefine how these products are made. Our seal helps families find safe products to use, teaches companies how to make better products, and creates better futures for the children who use them.

How we help make products safer

Baby Police has a detailed screening process that checks products against thousands of “red-flag” ingredients. These ingredients aren't limited to toxins known in that country, but a global database that pools all of the latest science backed evidence. As an added step of safety, unknown substances that have not yet been proven safe are treated as toxic, in order to ensure no harmful substances slip through unnoticed.

Once the product's ingredients have passed this testing, the product is then tested as a whole. This is because it is possible for chemicals that are harmless by themselves to react together to make an undesirable effect.

Products that pass our stringent testing have no carcinogens, toxins, or chemicals that could cause developmental issues later in life. This rigorous testing means that parents can trust the label, and purchase the product they see without unnecessary stress. This is a load off of parents’ minds, and makes shopping for safe products a lot easier for them.


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