Certification Process:

Today’s mother is more discerning than ever. In a world full of hidden dangers, she has become a lot more careful about what she purchases, when, and why. Earn her trust through a certification process that will assure her that your products are safe enough for her baby..

Welcome to Baby Police Headquarters

At Baby Police, our goal was to create a process that was simple enough for companies to follow, but thorough enough to ensure loving parents can know your product is safe simply by looking for our seal. We believe that products should be toxin free, and have no harmful chemicals in it that could damage the health of a delicate child.

Working with us is relatively easy. All you have to do is contact us to get the process started. We will look through our extensive list of globally recognized problem ingredients, and compare yours with our list of questionable ingredients. Anything that is known to have potentially harmful effects, such as carcinogens, neurotoxins, certain types of pesticides, GMOs, or other problems will not be allowed.

What about new ingredients?

This also means new ingredients that have not yet been fully tested for safety. We believe in preserving the health of children, and that means being extra cautious, even when these ingredients have not been proven to be unhealthy either.

Our chemists will then take this process a step farther, and examine the ingredients used in the product to see if they have the potential to bio accumulate over time. If there is any evidence that this product may stay in the body and keep building up, it will also not be allowed.

This rigorous screening process is designed to help make better products, and to recognize and reward those who take their efforts on safety a step farther.

Many companies find they learn a lot from this experience, and go on to do even better

The safety of children is our main focus, and we are proud to help you. We take a detailed look at the ingredients that make up your product, and help you understand whether these ingredients are a red flag or not. Even if they are legal in your country, we check against the global database of scientific based knowledge, so that we know they are truly safe.

If you want to be certified by the Baby Police, you need to have a product that truly stands out. Parents around the world can see the seal placed on your product, and know for certain that they can trust your product for the safety and good health of their baby. That alone is a worthwhile investment, and elevates your product above so many others.

Don't be satisfied with an average product. Elevate your product to one of the highest possible standards you can reach, by testing it against our ingredient databases. Finding out where your product stands is just a quick message away, and we will be glad to help you. It's our passion and life, and what we have been doing for years.