Frequently Asked Question


What do you mean by “Toxic”, “Safe”, and “Harmful?”

Understanding these words is crucial to understanding how our seal works.
• Toxic
Any ingredient that causes harm to the human body. That means someone out there has studied it enough to have linked that ingredient with detrimental effects to the body.
• Safe
An ingredient not known to cause any harm to the human body. We check against an extensive list of ingredients. We analyze the entire product as a whole to make sure that ingredients can't interact to create something harmful, and we verify that it won't give off any gases or other fumes that could potentially be harmful.
• Harmful
When an ingredient has been studied enough by scientists around the world to be harmful, it is added to our database of potentially toxic substances.

Don't we already have laws in place to protect us from harmful ingredients?

While we do have laws to protect us, many of the 84,000 ingredients “Generally Recognized as Safe” by the government, have never been tested. In other countries, as many as 1,100 chemicals have been banned due to their potentially toxic side effects, but in the United states, less than 2 dozen has.
Companies are often left to decide for themselves what is harmful and what isn't, and they usually decide with their bottom line in mind.
This leaves parents having to decide for themselves whether a product is safe or not. Without a degree in toxicology, that can be very hard to do.This is why we decided to create our seal, and stand by it. To give a better degree of safety to the products currently allowed on market shelves.

How did you develop your list of toxins?

We searched the globe for scientific papers, known toxins from other countries, and reports from all over in order to put together a comprehensive list of toxins. As new studies come out we add to our list as needed.

How much does screening my product through Baby Police cost?

We charge an annual fee based on a sliding scale, plus a per product fee. This gives you access to our database, and one-on-one assistance as we work with you to get your products screened. It also includes access to our Marketing and PR, as well as a detailed analysis of what each ingredient we screened is known for. We will repeat this every 3 years, or each time a new formulation comes out.

I have a small company and I want to certify the products. How will I afford the services?

We work on a sliding scale. We determine the annual fee based on the number of products, revenues and the size of your company. Please contact us today to discuss your needs and we will plan an affordable certification process for you.